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Cemetery Project Appeal

Thursday, June 8

Citizens who oppose a new cemetery near N. Livermore Ave. and the 680 freeway are asked support an appeal of  this project outside the county UGB (urban growth boundary) in North Livermore. Friends of Livermore (FOL) and Friends of Open Space and Vineyards (FOV) filed a joint appeal, and the City of Livermore filed a separate appeal. The appeal hearing will be at the County Board of Supervisors Planning meeting Thursday morning (June 8) at 10:00 am.

Basically, the  appeal asserts that the project violates county Measure D.  Livermore is appealing because the project violates Livermore’s North Livermore UGB initiative and other provisions of its general plan.  Sierra Club, Ohlone Audubon and Save Mount Diablo support the appeals, and we want speakers  at the hearing either in person in Oakland or via Zoom.


Supporting the appeal in person is best but if you cannot do that, it is also good to attend by Zoom. Your comment can be very short “I support the appeal” or you can give the reasons such as “It violates Measure D.” and additional reasons.

Meeting Zoom link: 


The BOS Planning meeting starts at 10:00 am, and the cemetery appeal is scheduled to be the first item on the regular calendar after the consent items. Meeting agenda:

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