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East Avenue Corridor,

Tactical East Avenue

The East Avenue Corridor refers to a stretch of East Ave that spans from South Livermore Avenue to South Vasco Road. At present it has 2 driving lanes each direction, street parking and sidewalks on most of both sides of the street.

Tactical East Avenue is the second phase of the East Avenue Corridor Study; an effort led by the City of Livermore to redesign East Avenue to be safer for all modes. This phase will be a 6 month temporary test of options from the Phase I designs. This is a study of the traffic usage of East Ave. and the possibility and problems of adding an official bike lane.

At present on East Ave, there are 3 schools, including a preschool, 5 daycare facilities, 4 churches, 16 apartment complexes (not all of which have driveways directly opening onto East Ave.), 5 assisted living complexes, a gas station, a shopping center, a mortuary, 2 cemeteries’, 4 doctor’s offices, a small market, Robert Livermore Park, which is a large city park, a fire station, and of course many homes. Many of these places have several cars parked in the street, as they don’t have enough parking.

While taking count of the auto traffic on East Ave., during a weekday lunch time, we also passed by the 2 cemeteries which had 16 cars parked on the street indicating a service about it start. (Where would they park if there were much less parking spaces?) A couple of the options Tactical East Ave. is looking at would take away almost ALL parking on East Ave.

On Wednesday, March 1, 2023 while driving on East Ave. from Madison Ave. to S. Livermore Ave. (heading west) we counted 82 cars and 1 bike heading east. On the return from S. Livermore Ave. to Madison Ave. we counted 76 cars and 2 bikes heading west.

Due to our recent weather The Tactical East Ave project was recently postponed until the week of April 10-14, 2023. This is the painting of streets which is intended to be safety/buffer lanes for bikes going around right-hand corners. The intersections involved on East Ave. are; Maple Street, 7th Street, Dolores Street, Jensen Street, Estates Street, and Hillcrest Avenue.

This will be a 6-month trial to help the city get feedback, not permanent at this time.

Please share this information with other residents whether they live near East Ave. or not and speak out to the city. Thank you.

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