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Livermore General Land Use Community Workshop Nov 2023: Some Attending Citizens’ Comments

A second General Plan Community Workshop was held on Nov. 15, 2023 in the Multi-Purpose Room at Croce Elementary School from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. Presentations and citizen discussions centered on potential changes to Livermore’s General Land Use, including whether the current urban growth boundary (UGB) should or needs to be changed to accommodate a population predicted to grow to 140 thousand in the next twenty years.

Views from some attending citizenry were that most if not all are against expanding the UGB—that was probably the one topic that had near unanimous agreement. One pertinent question was raised as to why we are planning for so much growth since recent data indicates that Livermore’s population has decreased (Over the most recent years, Livermore’s population has decreased from about 90 thousand to 85 thousand). City governance responded that basically they are just planning for more people, they will not necessarily build right away, and population fluctuates.

During break-out sessions, citizens discussed further issues likely to arise if the city further expands both in land-use and population. For example, as Livermore already has an operating deficit, can we pay for existing and future asset maintenance resulting from expansion? Another consequence of expansion could be looking and feeling more like the Dublin high-density sprawl, something that Livermore has previously planned to avoid. Also in some areas where they proposed high density housing (Laughlin), the local elementary schools would not be able to accommodate more students. Altamont Creek is already at full capacity. Livermore governance said during the Garaventa Hills project neighborhood meeting that if Altamont Creek were full, parents in this neighborhood could take their kids to any of the other Livermore schools with openings. Kind of crazy that you aren't even guaranteed a seat at your local elementary school, no?

If you want to provide input on Livermore’s General Land Use Plan, visit and weigh in by December 15, 2023.

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